Curated by Kathleen Ditzig
and Carlos Quijon, Jr

24 September 2021 -
15 January 2022

Hosted at the UP Vargas Museum in Manila, Cast But One Shadow: Afro-Southeast Asian Affinities is the second exhibition of a long-term and iterative research project that situates Southeast Asia as a compelling coordinate to review the continued resonances of global solidarities. The exhibition pursues the thematic threads of racial presence, anti-colonial struggle, and the interventive ways of navigating colonial and neocolonial relations through Southeast Asia. The title of the exhibition is spun from a 1962 novella authored by Han Suyin, a Eurasian physician, novelist, and public intellectual with Chinese and Belgian parentage. It was one of the last books she published while living in Malaya. The exhibition focuses on the complex regional historical milieu that Han worked in as an important source of illumination in the history of archipelagic Southeast Asia and the discourses around geopoetic aspirations and geopolitical affinities.